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Migraine headaches are a fairly common condition, but for those who suffer from them, they can make life extremely difficult. Vivant Medical Marijuana Can Help Located at 6214 Memorial Hwy B Tampa, FL 33615 . With symptoms like throbbing headaches, nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to sound and light, and even changes to vision like flashes of light or blind spots, when a migraine hits it can be difficult to engage with everyday life. In fact, migraines are so debilitating they are the second leading cause of disability for those younger than 50. 

Unfortunately, migraines can also be difficult to treat. While multiple prescription medications exist for migraines, they aren’t always effective for many of the migraine sufferers who try them. This has left many looking for alternative treatments for migraines. 

But a new study may give migraine sufferers a reason to hope that cannabis could be a helpful alternative for treating these intense headaches. According to the study’s results, migraine sufferers who have used both cannabis and prescription treatments for their migraines say that cannabis works better at bringing on relief. Florida medical marijuana card

This study, from the University of Colorado, Boulder, was designed to investigate how migraine sufferers use cannabis and whether they find relief when they do. To do this, researchers recruited 589 adult cannabis users who were living in states with full legal access to both medical and recreational cannabis. These participants completed an online survey that included questions about their cannabis use, their migraine experiences, and their experiences treating migraines using both cannabis and other medications. They even rated different treatments in terms of how much relief they brought from the migraine symptoms.   Vivant Medical Marijuana Tampa, FL 33615

From these cannabis using participants, 161 (or 27.3%) reported that they did experience migraines. And of those who had migraines, 123 (or 76.4%) said that they use cannabis specifically for treating their migraines. And 86 of these participants (or 69.9%) also said that they used other medications for their migraines. 

Interestingly, migraine sufferers reported significantly more migraine relief from cannabis than from non-cannabis treatments – such as prescription migraine medications like triptans. The average reported relief with cannabis was 75.82% while non-cannabis products were only reported to bring an average improvement of 51.01%. Even looking at just the scores from those who used both types of treatments – cannabis was rated as a much more effective treatment.

 Patients suffering from migraines and related conditions may benefit from medical cannabis therapy due to its convenience and efficacy. Vivant Medical Marijuana Tampa, FL 33615

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